Today was a day full of non-stop movement.  We biked, we ran, and we biked again.  The day started out back at the University of Arizona where we performed the Wingate test. This test consists of 30 seconds of biking on a machine when a weight that is 8% of the person’s body mass is dropped onto it.  The person has to keep biking for the full 30 seconds after the weight has been dropped.  Now, most of us thought, “How bad can this really be compared to yesterday’s test?  It’s only 30 seconds!”  But wow we were wrong.

Yes, it was only 30 seconds of intense exercise, but the effects are still being felt as the night goes on.  Although it was insanely intense and not enjoyable whatsoever, we all rallied for the person on the bike.  There was a ton of cheering, clapping, and yelling “GO GO GO!” Some might call it a good bonding experience.

5 seconds into the test
5 seconds left in the test
Test complete!

Now, one would think that we would get some time to recover from that, but no.  Before we knew it we were back in the new van (sigh) and headed to a track to conquer our first mile and a half run.  With heavy feet and noodle legs, we trudged to the track. It definitely wasn’t easy, but we all finished.  So back into the van we went and devoured our packed lunches.

We had a nice break when we got back to the house. Some of us dozed off (me included) and others just chilled.  This was when Dr. Sweeney and Professor Fay were assembling their bikes that were shipped from Scranton.  So, after intense biking this morning and running a mile and a half this afternoon, our day was not complete.  Everyone begrudgingly put on their bike shorts to prepare for our first bike ride.  The general consensus was that they are definitely not comfortable, but they ended up saving our asses, literally.  We then set out on a bike ride that was a little over 11 miles long.

When we returned to our haven that is the Tucson house, it was easy to see just how exhausted everyone was.  Stairs were not a fun time for anyone.  Casey, Dave, and Brian braved the ice-cold pool to soothe their aching and tired legs.  Lizzy even went for a swim (props to them all).

Now Kyle and Anthony are cooking dinner for us; chicken and eggplant marsala are on the menu tonight.  I think we’re all looking forward to some delicious food and relaxation.


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