Meeting minutes 4/13/2013

Present: Tara, Katy, Jeremy, Jennifer, & Jessica


  • IT will get back to Jeremy on April 9th about whether or not we can have a University based wordpress site.
  • Katy and Jeremy will work on the website.

Future of the group

  • The three active remaining members (Tara, Jess, Jenn) agreed that we would like to continue to meet to discuss teaching related issues/articles and to visit one another’s classes. ¬†We discussed re-envisioning our group as more of an ‘inquiry group’ that supports “reflective practice” as teachers.
  • Jess will contact Ileana Szymanski and Cyrus Olsen to see if they would like to join the group
  • Tara will contact Brian Coniff and the new CTLE faculty development specialist about being housed under the CTLE