We Have a Blog!

Welcome to our blog! This is the blog for the Novel Pedagogy Group at The University of Scranton (Sometimes called the Pedagogy Cohort). This group continues to be funded through the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. We have been having regular lunch meetings for nearly two years now, and finally have a place to publicly collect our thoughts. The group was formed as a way to bring together faculty interested in exploring and learning new teaching methods, and otherwise improving their performance in the classroom. This blog is a place for us to post some of our discussions, as well as the resources and materials that we’ve collected as we go along. Our intent is to continue to post that material and those discussion, inviting comments and feedback from the larger community. We hope to encourage other faculty everywhere to explore and experiment with new teaching practices in this everchanging world of high education.

We also recognize, of course, that The University of Scranton is a unique community with unique challenges and opportunities. Every student population is different and faces different challenges. We hope that the casual reader my find some insight to help them explore these pedagogical practices in their own classroom.