Alyssa – Onondaga County Health Department

During my time as an intern at the Onondaga County Health Department Bureau of Disease Control, I hope to learn more about public health. I believe that public health is an important part of the health care system that is often over looked by other medical specialties. I want to learn more about the tracking and treating of diseases such as E. coli, Zika and Tuberculosis because each disease is distinct and pose a variety of threats to communities. I also want to learn about how public health and education work together in order to best serve the committee dealing with the disease.
I hope to become a medical doctor in the future and I believe that this internship will help me have a unique perspective on health care. The knowledge from the internship will allow me to understand the complex relationship between health care and government which are often overlooked by healthcare professionals who work in large hospitals. I also believe that the knowledge of the specific diseases and how they are treated will be valuable I as learn about the many obscure diseases that I might encounter in my career.

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