Emily – WHHI-TV

So far my internship with WHHI- TV has been extremely rewarding. I have had incredible experiences and meet wonderful/ helpful people. One thing that I’ve realized while interning here is that I have the opportunity to truly learn from professionals in my field. The main goal I want to take out this internship is to learn as much as I possibly can. So far I have been asking so many questions about everything in the industry from editing, best way to perform on air, and just the everyday workings of a TV station. I feel that this internship will impact my career greatly because I am gaining so much experience. I am learning what areas of the industry I truly enjoy and want to pursue further, and what areas I don’t feel as strongly about. For example some of the jobs they have been having me doing so far are updating the all of the company’s social media pages, refreshing and maintaining the main monitor that broadcasts the shows, assisting in studio and on location shoots, helping operate the camera, and tomorrow morning I will be getting interviewed for one of the local talk shows (I will send the link to the video of it once I receive it)! Just from working here I already feel that in the future I want to pursue a career in entertainment reporting and TV hosting. I feel that WHHI- TV is the perfect place to begin my career in broadcasting, and I could not feel more honored to have the chance to work here!

Emily Darcy
Journalism/Electronic Media

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