A Summer in Sports Marketing

This summer, I am interning with Wasserman in Raleigh, North Carolina. Wasserman is a sports marketing agency that has offices around the world and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. There are three parts to Wasserman’s business – talent, properties, and brands.

Wasserman employs agents to procure and negotiate endorsement opportunities for top athletes in professional sports. They represent athletes including Andrew Luck, Russell Westbrook, and Giancarlo Stanton. Wasserman works with sports properties to drive innovation and elevate partnership opportunities. Properties include leagues, teams, entertainment studios, and broadcast networks. The third part of Wasserman’s business is brands. Wasserman works with many Fortune 500 companies to help achieve the brands’ goals with their sports marketing programs.

I was assigned to work in the brands division at Wasserman with a client that is a Forbes Top 100 list company. The client has partnerships with many teams in professional sports including: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and the PGA TOUR. Over the past few summers, I worked with motorsports properties on the East Coast. I hope to work for NASCAR at some point in my career, but I have wanted to work with a sports marketing agency for a very long time. Rather than focusing on one sport, Wasserman has allowed me to learn about the business behind many popular sports in the United States. I hope to use this knowledge of sports business in a full-time role with a sports marketing agency after college and hopefully one day with NASCAR.

Wasserman Raleigh 2018 Summer Interns at The Intern Happy Hour

Mark Miller
Marketing and Business Administration

2 Replies to “A Summer in Sports Marketing”

  1. Hi Mark!
    Happy to see that you are enjoying and learning from your internship! Wasserman seems like a company that will expose you to the many different aspects of the Sports Marketing field. Knowing your love and passion for NASCAR and sports, this internship is perfect fit for you. Gaining an understanding of the business behind all kinds of sports will make you stand out and more knowledgeable when it comes time to applying for jobs in the next year. In addition, I hope this internship is allowing you to connect and meet meaningful individuals that are helping you to grow as both a student and a professional. Great to hear about your experience thus far at Wasserman!

  2. Hi Mark!

    As someone who is also interested in pursuing a career in sports, your internship sounds like an amazing opportunity! It’s very interesting that working with Wasserman allows you to branch out to so many different aspects of the sports industry. The minor league baseball team I am interning with this summer has partnerships with several companies as well, so I can only imagine how much more goes into it when dealing with major league sports teams and an account with Forbes Top 100 company! I hope that all of the information you are learning now will help you become successful in NASCAR in the future, and in the meantime I hope you are enjoying your time in Raleigh working for what definitely seems like a great company!

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