A CPAF Thank You

The most rewarding parts of my internship were the experience I gained and the connections I made during my time there. Some of the work experience I now have because of my internship includes assisting with account reviews and preparing account reviews for clients, updating client portfolio values, developing Excel spreadsheets, and generating reports. The people I met during my time there were not only friendly and knowledgeable, but I know I can turn to them for help with interviews and job placement. The most challenging part of my internship was becoming familiar with all the different softwares that are used at Northwestern Mutual. Although I only learned the basics of softwares like Morningstar, NetX360, NMCIR, CRM, and Envestnet, I sometimes found it difficult to remember how and where to find information that was needed. Moving forward and for the future, I want to become more proficient in these softwares since they are commonly used in the financial industry. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity I had this summer and had a great learning experience at CPAF!

Amanda Spiteri

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