The Rewards of a Museum Internship

After a summer of interning at the Everhart Museum, I have learned so much about the excitement and demands that go into the role of a curator. I have quickly learned that one of the most challenging aspects of creating exhibitions is not only presenting them in an educational way, but also keeping cultural traditions in consideration as well. Museums often struggle with finding a balance between displaying indigenous objects in an educational or aesthetic light. My research on various sacred objects and indigenous traditions have provided appropriate cultural context and aided the museum in their pursuit of creating ethical and culturally-aware exhibitions. Extensively researching specific artifacts often became very tedious and challenging at times; however, the most rewarding aspect of my internship was also seeing my research come to fruition.

In addition to my research, the other most rewarding aspect of my internship has been being able to handle many historical objects in the Everhart’s private collection. I have always been fascinated with artifacts and artworks; however, my access to them was limited to visits at other museums and pictures from online resources. Being able to hold important objects in my hands and directly participate in their long histories was an amazing feeling that deepened my appreciation for art. Overall, my entire experience has been very rewarding and has ignited my passion to continue pursuing a museum-related career in the future.

Abbey Donaldson

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