Alumna Teacher Deirdre Reedy Writes with News

Deirdre Reedy (BA, Secondary Ed./English, 2011) writes with an upbeat report about her experiences in the classroom.

“I am still loving teaching. This year I have an honors course, so it’s really fun being able to have great discussions with them. They were actually laughing while we were talking about “A Modest Proposal” so that was awesome! Now that it’s my fourth year, I’m starting to see that return you’re talking about. A student from my first sophomore class emailed me to let me know I was the subject of her essay about someone who has had a great influence on her, and I have to admit tears were shed when she let me read it. Also, it’s really weird knowing that they just believe anything I say, based on the fact that I’m their teacher…which is helpful when I feel like playing a joke on them. While studying Macbeth I let a dagger (fake, I’m not that crazy) hang from the ceiling and pretended I didn’t know what they were talking about the entire class.”

As you can imagine, we miss “Didi” here at the U, but it’s good to know she’s out there making a difference.

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