Senior English Major Lindsey Pelucacci Wins Top Fellowship to Fordham

Lindsey Pelucacci (BA, English, 2015) has just accepted a prestigious Bennett Assistantship, one of Fordham’s most distinguished awards for first-year students, enabling her to go on to study for her Masters in English literature. This award includes a 10-month stipend of $22,240 and a supplement of $3770, a full tuition scholarship for tuition up to 24 credits during the academic year and up to 6 credits for the summer, and $1500 toward the cost of the Fordham student health insurance program. The value of the award package totals approximately $68,784.  Funding is awarded for a 2-year period and will be renewed after the first year.

We’ve had reason to be proud of Lindsey throughout her time at the University, and this distinguished award is nice confirmation of what we’ve known all along. We wish her all the best as she continues her education and look forward to her contributions to the field.

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  1. Lindsey was the smartest girl in every class while I attended Scranton. The scholarship could not have gone to a nicer person 🙂

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