An Award-Winning Faculty!

This year’s Faculty Appreciation Dinner on March 27 saw the University recognizing faculty excellence.  We’ve always known we do a good job, but it’s even more gratifying when others agree with us!  We congratulate Amye Archer, who won the Part-Time Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching;  Michael Friedman, for winning the a standing ovation along with the University Service and Leadership Award; Len Gougeon, whose internationally known research earned him the award for Scholarly Publication; Teresa Grettano, whose collaboration with Donna Witek earned them a joint award for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning;  Susan Méndez, whose teaching, service and scholarship on issues of Social Justice earned her the Provost’s Mission and Justice Award, and Hank Willenbrink, whose writing, teaching, scholarship and service cross interdisciplinary lines, and won him the Provost’s Interdisciplinary Award.

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