Len Gougeon Has New Chapter on Emerson in Just-Published Open-Access Book

Just last week a new, multi-author biography of Emerson titled Mr. Emerson’s Revolution, was issued by Open Book Publishers (Cambridge, England). Our very own Len Gougeon is the author of  Chapter Three: “Pragmatic Idealist in Action, 1850-1865” (pp.169-216).

This chapter deals with Emerson’s antislavery career, and also his contributions to the Women’s Movement in the nineteenth century. The book is free as a PDF download using the address below or the link here. It can also be purchased in paperback or hardcover.

Dr. Gougeon adds, “This is my first experience with open-access, electronic publication, and I am delighted with the fact that anyone, anywhere can read this book for free. I thought that followers of our departmental blog (as well as the rest of the world) might like to know this.”

As ever, we offer Len our congratulations and our thanks for making all of us look good.


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