Theatre Alum Crystal Hernandez Writes with News of Her Success in Finance

We’re glad to have heard recently from Crystal Hernandez a Theatre and English major who graduated with her degree in Theatre in Spring 2014. She has since continued her work as a personal banker, on stage, and in the classroom. As she tells us:
“I have been with Wells Fargo Bank for going on 5 years now. When I originally interviewed for a position as a Personal Banker I did brag about my work as a Theatre major, speaking on the responsibilities I held while Stage Managing productions held at the U. My interviewers were extremely impressed by the level of attention I received as a student at the University of Scranton as well as how the experience helped shape me into a well-rounded applicant for the position.
“Fast forwarding through the years — I moved up into the role of a Service Manager a year after I was hired. In that role I oversaw the operational soundness of the branch and managed the tellers on a daily basis. Then I was granted a personal leave to return to The U to finish my degree in theatre in the spring 14′ semester. Upon my return to the bank I took on the role of Store Manager and managed all operations related to the branch.
“Additionally, I was accepted to the Graduate School at Seton Hall University to pursue my Masters of Arts Degree in Literature. The need to have a more flexible work schedule drove me to pursue a new position at the bank as a Mortgage Consultant. Since I have been in this role I have been able to devote myself whole-heartedly to my customers AND most importantly this ability to create my own work schedule has afforded me the greatest opportunity to enjoy my work and education as a graduate student of literature.
“Overall, in the next few years I plan on continuing to grow my business and help my borrowers attain their goals of home ownership, along with finishing my degree in Literature.
“My role now consists of reaching out and also responding to any customers who wish to become home owners and help them along the process in the financing aspect. I also help manage our existing customers who are wishing to refinance. In a nutshell I am a loan originator responsible for growing and maintaining my base of clients.”
We offer our warm congratulations to Crystal, and we hope she can serve as an inspiration and a reminder that a background in theater and literature can lead you anywhere.

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