Corinne Nulton and Brina Platt Publish Poems in Alumni On-Line Magazine

Congrats to Corinne Nulton (’13) on her new poem, “Roomie” — an ode to a college roommate — on the new site The Gorge: Writing and Art from Northeast Pennsylvania.

Congratulations as well to Brina Platt (’17) on her twos poem, “Confinement” and “Digression of a Dead Bird.”

You can check out Corinne’s poem here and Brina’s here, and we hope you’ll also take a look at The Gorge overall. It’s the product of distinguished alumni Andrew Milewski and Alex Barbolish, and they’re looking for good original, unpublished work to publish in the magazine. Please consider submitting your own work and check them out regularly to help support “the home team” of writers.

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