There are many different types of academic essays, and during your time at The University of Scranton, you will receive a variety of prompts for all different disciplines.  By writing for a wide array of situations, you learn how to define and navigate the conventions of each genre. You also learn which skills can transfer across subject areas and assignment types, which makes you a better writer.

However,  it can be challenging to navigate these distinct types of papers,  so  our tutors have developed guides to familiarize you with some of the expectations of each.  Each guide contains advice followed by a compilation of resources, and, sometimes, a sample paper to illustrate the concepts.

While these resources are designed to support you, it’s important to know that you instructor may have different or additional requirements, so  please make sure you are following the specific prompt and rubric.  Our material is designed to supplement your in-class learning, so never use it as a substitute for course content. We also suggest using your professor’s office hours to make sure you are aligning your paper with their expectations, since we can only offer general advice.

Paper Guides:

1.) Literature Analysis Guide

2.) Rhetorical Analysis Guide

3.)  A Lab Report

4.)  A Literature Review Guide

5)  Philosophy Paper Guide