Your name  

Your address  

Your phone number 




The date  


The hiring manager’s name  

The company name 

The company’s address 



Paragraph 1:   

  • Sentence 1: What job are you seeking and where did you see it posted/who referred you? Be sure to mention the specific position and the company’s name.  
  • Sentence 2: Briefly mention your current employer/position or your university and major.  
  • Sentence 3: What unique experience/quality qualifies you for this position? Be memorable.  
  • Sentence 4: (optional) Reiterate your desire to be considered for this position.  

Paragraph 2:  

  • Sentence 1: What has been the focus of your educational/professional career?  
  • Sentences 2-10: Summarize your professional career so far (relevant coursework, research projects, internships, campus leadership opportunities, employment history, etc.) What have you learned? What skills do you have? What programs are you familiar with? Who have you worked for/studied under? Remember some of this is already in your resume, so spend time on the items that may not be listed there. 
  • What skills/qualities are they asking for in the ad that are not outlined in your resume? This is a good opportunity to address those. Use specific examples. Use the same verbiage as the ad.   
  •  (Optional): Are there any extra curriculars that show your leadership/communication/conflict management skills? Are there any service projects that show your values?  Are there any gaps or clarifications you need to explain in your resume? If so, include that here.  
  • (Optional): What was one major challenge you faced and how did you overcome it? Or what is one professional accomplishment you are particularly proud of?  

Paragraph 3:  

  • Sentence 1-3: Why do you want this specific job at this specific company? Show that you know the company’s mission, goals, and values. Show that they align with your own personal philosophy and professional goals.  
  • Sentence 3-4: What unique experience/perspective/qualities can you offer compared to other applicants? How will you be an asset to their team?  

Paragraph 4  

  • Sentences 1-4: Let them know that you’re eager to further discuss your qualifications. Perhaps highlight any part of your resume you’d like them to pay close attention to. Close by thanking them for their consideration. 


Your Name  

Your degree/License  


Looking for a visual template? Check out this template in Canva. Just be sure to make a copy to your account by logging in, clicking file and then “make a copy”

A visual template for a cover letter