Marissa – Good Grief

My internship has only just begun and I am excited to be a part of such an amazing organization. In just a few short weeks I have learned so much about grief that I did not know before. This experience will help me begin to evaluate my career goals, as I start to see what I like or dislike about working in a grief support setting. As a facilitator for grief support groups I will provide an opportunity for families to communicate, and I will be a listener for anyone that needs someone to talk to. A death in the family can completely change someone’s life, and although there is nothing I can do to make their loved one return I hope I can make it an easier adjustment by being there for support. I hope I will learn how to appropriately approach conversations about death, because it is often a sensitive topic for many people. This summer is the first time I will take on a clinical role, and it is just the beginning of my career exploration. As a psychologist, I will communicate with people every day who are struggling to cope in their daily lives. Helping people cope with grief is just one area within the field of mental health, and it is something I could envision myself doing in the future. There are many opportunities ahead and so far I think I am on a good track to discovering the right fit for me!

Marissa DeStefano

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