Rewards and Challenges of My Internship at the U.S. Marshals Service

The most rewarding part of this internship is that it has helped me reevaluate my values and mindset about several things. I have always been relatively naive about society and had a hard time accepting the reality of how horrible people can be. I always chose to see the best in people and overlook their negative characteristics. No, being positive is not a bad quality, although it can land me in a situation that could end my life if I trust the wrong person. I realized that I need to find a good balance of positivity, awareness, along with being sufficiently informed. People always joke and say that I am going to be the cop that lets the criminal sit in the front seat with me and refuses to use handcuffs because I don’t want to hurt them. Although that is an exaggerated example it does portray the type of personality I have.

The most challenging aspect of this internship would have to be that while in certain units there is not much work that you as an intern can handle primarily due to the nature of the work. I think that if I was shy and had a hard time talking to people I would not have had the experience I did. You spend much of your time talking to deputies and if you lack social skills, that can be challenging.

Allison Santoro
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2 Responses to Rewards and Challenges of My Internship at the U.S. Marshals Service

  1. Julia Giaimo says:

    Allison, it sounds like you were the right person for the internship! It also seems like this internship was a great experience for you to grow as a person, and let you see a different side of society. That will be a great asset for you in your future career! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Delia Gavin says:

    Allison, your internship sounds great! It sounds like you have a strong handle on what you want to do with your future. It seems like you are very clearly self aware and know what your strengths are and how to work with them. I would love to hear more about your internship at our meeting! Thanks for sharing!

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