Richmond County District Attorney’s Office (RCDA)

At my internship at the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office (RCDA), I wish to learn more about the daily work of an attorney, not just what is done at court or “on TV”. I especially want to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a prosecutorial attorney. I will be working in the Crime Strategies Unit (CSU), so I am excited to also learn more about crime prevention strategies and the criminal justice field as a whole. My current career goal is to become a criminal prosecutor, at least for now. I am also considering doing investigative work for a prosecutor’s office in the future as a career alternative. This internship is perfect for my career goals as I will be able to get hands on experience of not just prosecutorial work as an attorney, but also the opportunity to explore the many other careers within a prosecutor’s office. I have always known I have wanted to work in a public service, especially in the criminal justice field. I have always had an interest in law, government, enforcement, and politics. That interest, along with the additional benefit of being able to help people are what made me want to go into this field. At my internship there are many things I plan on doing. I’ve only interned for one day while writing this post, but I was already able to attend a homicide trial that is currently taking place in Staten Island. On top of attending trials, I plan on doing hands-on investigative work with the Crime Strategies Unit. A personal plan of mine is to also get to know the investigators at the CSU and to really pick their brain on the criminal justice and investigative fields. The majority of investigators at the CSU are well established and respected members of the NYPD’s investigative bureaus, who have gone on to have a second career at the RCDA to continue service after their retirement. They are filled with not just knowledge, but also experience working in a field I have a deep passion to work in. Being able to pick their brains and ask questions, as well as getting to know them, is not an opportunity I am going to pass up on. I am super excited to continue the rest of my internship at the RCDA.
Jake Marchese

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  1. Jake,

    This internship sounds like an incredible experience. I agree with the need to learn how professions are in the ‘real-world’ rather then mock careers as seen on tv. The Crime Strategies Unit sounds like a very interesting unit to be working in and I’m sure you’ll learn many new things from it. The experiences and your plan to get to know the investigators is fantastic. Networking is a priceless skill and can get you far in life. I look forward to hearing about your experiences at the CSU.

  2. Hello, Jake!

    Your internship sounds so exciting. The Criminal Justice System is essential to the stability of our country, and from your post, I can tell that you are going to be dedicated to your community by instilling change. Though law and government are not my area of expertise, serving others is a passion I can relate to. Helping those in need is one of the many reasons I want to become a physician.

    When was the first time you realized that you wanted to pursue a career in the Criminal Justice System? Is there a specific case you would like to participate in during your internship? What is it like to be in a courtroom? I look forward to hearing more about your experience.

  3. Hello, Jake!
    It is fascinating that you were able to attend a homicide trial. I am happy to hear that your internship is off to a great start! It is awesome that your intern position aligns perfectly with your goal of becoming a criminal prosecutor. I cannot wait to hear more about it!

  4. Hi Jake,

    I think it is awesome that you were able to land this internship. As you mentioned, what is done at court or what is seen on TV might just be a small fraction of what actually goes into being an attorney. It is great you’re getting this experience now and I hope you are able to land a job as a criminal prosecutor in the near future!

  5. Hi Jake,

    I just want to say that it was a good idea to clarify that actual criminal justice work is different from crime shows (I watched a lot of Law-and-Order SVU over quarantine and it’s heavily dramatized). I just wanted to say that really diving into being a criminal prosecutor is so great because of the fact that you have multiple resources. I think it is so cool that you have multiple investigators who are respected in the CSU that you could look up to and ask questions! I feel like understanding what the job was like for them will help give you a better experience in this internship and also as a career.

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