Alum Ashley Teatum Wins Honorable Mention in Flash Fiction Contest

Ashley Teatum, (BA, English, 2009), currently working as an entrepreneur in an on-line editing company, is also still flexing her creative writing muscles. In that light, she recently received honorable mention in Boulder Weekly’s 101-word fiction writing contest.

Here’s Ashley’s story in full:

Cyril’s Puzzles

Along the clinically white hallway of the active seniors’ home hang dozens of Cyril’s puzzles, framed simply. The Meals on Wheels volunteer decides after delivering to the tall, lank gentleman that she will purchase him a puzzle to do. Clearly he enjoys them. Cyril accepts his hot meal, milk, bread, apple, and new 500-piece puzzle the next week with a look of dread in his eyes. Two weeks later, he gifts it to the young woman in a plain black frame like the rest. “Please don’t bring me anymore puzzles,” he says. She hands him his meal; he closes the door.

To see the write-up on the contest as a whole, go here.

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