Snowbowl Day – Fresh Snow and Beautiful Weather

We started the day with such promise- it was the first day we actually made it out of the house on time for the day’s adventures. Those who could ski a black diamond trail ascended to the 11,510 feet summit of Arizona Snowbowl to measure spirometry. However, our great feeling of being on time quickly subsided as we realized we had forgotten the laptop for the measurements. Fortunately, we were still able to measure our breathing rate, pulse, and arterial O2 saturation at the mountain peak before hitting the slopes.


With the measurements done, we were free for the real fun: skiing and boarding. Those who did not ascend to the summit began polishing their skiing and snowboarding on the bunny slopes, while those at the top put their skills to the test. We tackled ungroomed black diamonds.


Facing moguls and steep slopes, we descended to the lesser intermediate trails. Here we split. Those fearless enough to stay on the black diamonds trekked back up the mountain while the others cruised around the blues. DCIM100GOPRO

After a few tough hours on the slopes we were glad to break for lunch. Despite forgetting my sandwich in the frantic scramble out of the house, I was excited for the change of pace from cold turkey and cheese. The hot chicken tenders and fries from the lodge were just what I needed to warm me from all the snow that found its way into my jacket.


With our stomach’s full, we went back out. We met up on the bunny hill and were surprised to see how far the new skiers and boarders had come. After learning for only a few hours, they were making ’S’s like pros. Gabby even ditched the bunny trail to go on a intermediate slopes with Marissa and me. However, for some unknown reason, the trails were cut in half, so people could practice moguls. Despite this horrific setback, with some coaching from Marissa and me, Gabby fearlessly skied/slid her way down the trail.

Check out The GoPro ViewDCIM100GOPRO

With fresh snow and beautiful weather we were sad to call it a day.

Until next time

-Doug & the rest of the Extreme Dream Team

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