Impressions – Week 1

Ryan Clarkson
Virginia Farrell

•  Going into this course I knew it would be a challenge. I’m not in great shape and science was never my strong subject. I wanted both of those aspects to change. I knew it wouldn’t take overnight but this looked like a good way to start. I really appreciate seeing all of places I could go to walk, bike or hike. I really look forward to kayaking. As challenging as some of these activities are, I wouldn’t want anything to change. It has to be a challenge for it to work. I can’t stop recommending this course to my friends and I really do hope it becomes popular.

•  I enjoyed the fitness testing earlier in the week. It was interesting to have my own capabilities quantified, instead of guessing at them subjectively. The hike at the Bear Creek Preserve and the ride on the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Trail were nice, as they were both new territory for me. The only minor issue I had with the activities so far was the street bike ride in Scranton. I’m not quite as confident riding in traffic, and consider trails a more comfortable location. I suspect, however, that this sentiment will not be as prevalent with more experience in that style of biking.

Gared Zaboski
Version 2
Eva Rine
Terrence Sweeney
Version 2
Tara Fay

•  My impressions of the course… Well I really didn’t know what to expect. I had a basic understanding of exercise and how to stay healthy but from the first meeting we had before class started, I could tell I was about to get into a whole lot more. After finishing the first week I realized that there is a lot more to exercise than just running and keeping active. Many of the tests we did showed me that the course was really going to be “extreme.” I thought the first week went very well. I learned a lot of new material about what physiology really was and some things I could apply to my daily routine. I can’t really think of anything that I would like to see more or less of. I’m just excited to see what other activities we will get to do during the next few weeks!
•  I didn’t really know what to expect last week, but it turned out to be awesome. The first couple days were painful, but even though I was really sore, I was sorry to miss the first bike ride. The lectures are all really interesting, and the activities are enjoyable. The professors, classmates, and guests are all really friendly.

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