Zebrafish Research

I am a research assistant in Dr. Son’s neurodevelopment lab, and I am conducting a study investigating the effects of ZnSO4-induced neurotoxicity on anxiety-like behavior in zebrafish. I am also investigating the role of the habenula in mediating this anxiety-like behavior. Working alongside Dr. Son, I hope to learn as much as I can from him in this area of study, and take advantage of the myriad of resources available at my fingertips. It seems that every day I learn a new technique, or skill relevant to my area of study, and I realize that as my internship progresses I will compile quite the repertoire of laboratory practices. Additionally, I hope to see my knowledge in the field of neuropsychology bloom as I attempt to absorb all that Dr. Son has to share with me.

I aspire to be a physician, and I have recently learned that I would like research to be a part of my career as well. Therefore, this internship will help me acquire the skills necessary to further pursue this goal, especially those pertaining to research. I will learn how to improve my ability to design and carry out an experiment successfully, a process that also teaches critical thinking skills beyond belief. Furthermore, the ups and downs of performing a research study will teach me determination and persistence; two attributes critical to the success of a physician. Additionally, this internship will help me to expand my knowledge in an area of study that interests me, perhaps illuminating a path for me to follow when I pursue research as a career.

Jillian Haller ’23

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  1. I feel the same way with learning something new in the lab every day! If you want to be a physician and like research, try looking for MD/Ph.D. programs! I believe it means you’d be a doctor that does research. It sounds like a lot of work (going to med school AND a Ph.D. program), but it might be right up your alley!

  2. Hi Jillian,

    This is great to hear that you’re able to put research and your aspiration to become a physician together. I can only imagine how fascinating it will be to be a doctor who also conducts research! That will definitely add a dimension to both sides that one or the other alone does not have. It sounds like your neuropsychological work with zebrafish is a perfect instance to start exploring this prospective career. I love learning about the proclivities of fish (marine life in general fascinates me)– so I’m looking forward to hearing more! Best of luck as you continue working this summer!

  3. Jill! I don’t think anyone’s looked happier working away in an LSC lab! I hope you continue to enjoy this summer and that you have more “ups” than “downs” in your research. I love how you’ve recognized you will not only gain scientific knowledge this summer but also determination, persistence, and critical thinking skills.

  4. Hi Jillian!
    Your research with zebrafish looks extremely interesting! It is so impressive that you are able to gain this research experience early on in your undergraduate career! I wish you the best of luck in your future as a physician; judging from your excitement in these pictures, I’m sure you will be a great one!

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