Five of Our Students Heading to Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Convention

Sigma Tau Delta will hold its annual convention on March 18-21, this year in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where five of our student members will travel to read their original work: Mia Hodorovich, a paper entitled “Women’s Health in ‘The Yellow Wall-paper’”; Lindsey Pelucacci, her original fiction, “Two”; Maria Cleary a paper on a Middle-Scots poet, with, “Women & Marriage in Dunbar’s ‘Tretis’”; Elizabeth Polishan, a poem, “Plato’s Brothel,” and Alex Wasalinko, an analysis of Chaucer’s Friar, in her paper “Friar of the For-Profit Order.”

 Four of these students–Lindsey Pelucacci, Maria Cleary, Elizabeth Polishan, and Alex Wasalinko–also proposed a round table discussion on the convention’s Common Reader, Simon Ortiz’s From Sand Creek.  Their proposal was accepted, and they will lead a discussion entitled, “Crossing Borders among Ortiz, Plato, & Feminism.”

 Our local Mu Omicron chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the Department of English & Theatre, the CAS Dean, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, and Education for Justice, are together fully funding this important work. Thanks to all!

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