Fareed Zakaria on Why a Broad, Liberal-Arts Education Matters for the Economy as a Whole

Writing in the Washington Post, pundit Fareed Zakaria offers his argument that we need to educate our college students as broadly as possible rather than turning toward narrow technical or fully STEM-dominated curricula.

He concludes: “One final reason to value a liberal education lies in its roots. For most of human history, all education was skills-based. Hunters, farmers and warriors taught their young to hunt, farm and fight. But about 2,500 years ago, that changed in Greece, which began to experiment with a new form of government: democracy. This innovation in government required an innovation in education. Basic skills for sustenance were no longer sufficient. Citizens also had to learn how to manage their own societies and practice self-government. They still do.”

Read the whole article at http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-stem-wont-make-us-successful

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