Impressions – Week 2

  • I really enjoyed Lackawanna State Park. The lecture was interesting, and I enjoyed learning a little more about our state parks. The hike was fun and Vince’s mini lectures were cool. The bike ride was awesome. I was nervous about that but it wasn’t too bad except for the hills, and then I had the pleasure of telling my family I biked 33 miles. Rickett’s Glen was fun too. I liked hiking the whole thing because the last time I was there I only hiked the falls trail. I didn’t really enjoy kayaking because of all the weeds, but I thought the fire tower was pretty cool. I would describe last week as pretty lit, as the kids say.
  • Week two was filled with two of my favorite things and one of my least favorite things. I loved the hiking at Ricketts Glen State Park and the kayaking at Peck’s Pond. That 33-mile bike ride though… that was a killer. All in all, it was a very fun week. I learned that an answer someone might give as a “just give me an answer” is actually something that happens in our bodies. We actually grow more capillaries as a response to a demand in the muscles. I think that is really cool. Throughout the week I began focusing more on what my body was doing during all of our exercise. I began paying more attention to using the different muscle groups and how to monitor breathing and heart rate.
  • I’ve had the most fun this week. From getting a better bike to kayaking to hiking Ricketts Glen to even white water rafting, my expectations have been exceeded. I haven’t had this much fun doing physical activity since my service trip a year ago. I don’t feel as physically challenged as I did the first week. I hope to continue doing these types of activities in the future.

    A "classic" selfie after whitewater rafting with EP 2015 (Arizona) alumni
    A “classic” selfie after whitewater rafting with EP 2015 (Arizona) alumni
  • I enjoyed the hike to Rickett’s Glen. Even though it was a trail I have done countless times since my early years, its always a nice place to revisit. The trips to Lackawanna State Forest and Pecks Pond were both new to me. I preferred Lackawanna to Pecks Pond, as kayaking on a body of water infested with plant life was not as fun, despite the informative nature of the trip. The lengthy bike ride was a challenge, especially the hill leading in to Forest City, but completing that excursion proved to be rewarding.

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