For your Personal Reference: Stop Unwanted Calls and Texts

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the FCC has rules in effect that address unsolicited telephone marketing calls, texts and faxes.

The FCC recommends the following:

  • Put your mobile and landline numbers on the federal government’s Do Not Call Registry. You will get fewer telemarketing calls from legitimate companies within 31 days.
  • Don’t answer a call from a caller ID you don’t recognize. The caller may be acting illegally, and answering would verify that you have an active line. And don’t call back an unfamiliar number later to find out who was calling – it could lead you to a scam.
  • Never reveal any personal or financial information unless you have verified the caller’s identification. Scam callers may pretend to represent organizations or businesses you know, including government agencies. Independently verify numbers they tell you to call.
  • File a complaint with the FCC when you receive an unwanted call. Visit

Visit the FCC’s website for more information and consumer guides.


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