Panopto Recordings From 2018 and Earlier Set for Deletion

All Panopto recordings from 2018 and earlier are set to be deleted on October 24, 2022. If you have any recordings from 2018 and previous years that you would like to retain, download the recordings and save them to an external storage device as an MP4. Our license allows for a certain amount of storage for recordings and it is almost at capacity.

We ask that you review your recordings. If you have previously used Panopto and have recordings that you no longer need, please go into the system and delete them.

For assistance, submit a Royal IT Support ticket (Request a Service>Instructional Technology>Enable Panopto LC . If you would like us to delete recording for you, make sure to provide the name of the individual who created the recording and the recording date.

Panopto is a lecture capture product that allows faculty and students to record lectures and presentations.

What’s next with M365? Yammer!

The M365 workgroup is gearing up to launch Yammer in November. Yammer is Microsoft’s unique social networking service designed to promote online engagement within organizations. The University of Scranton’s Yammer network will be available and accessible only to staff, faculty and students.

Bboard, the University bulletin board that currently resides in My.Scranton will be recreated in Yammer and rebranded as the Royal Marketplace. Other communities can be requested around initiatives, interests or departments. Requests can be made and additional information can be found at

The M365 workgroup was created last Spring and consists of Diane Kennedy, Phil Erb and Julie Brackeva-Phillips. Our goal is to implement M365 applications across campus and promote their adoption.

You can still join the M365 Champions team.

The M365 Champions team met for its official kick-off in August. Our Champions are faculty and staff that collaborate with IT to drive awareness, adoption, and education of M365 products on our campus. If you would like more information on this initiative, please visit

RoyalDrive Sunsets on Tuesday, October 11

The legacy RoyalDrive file system will finally be shutdown on Tuesday, October 11. For the past few years, this system has only been used for scanning files from our old copier systems.

If you have any files stored on RoyalDrive that have not previously been stored elsewhere, please be sure to download them before Tuesday, October 11 by logging in to

Please note that the new copiers that were put in place over the summer send scanned files to your H:\Scans folder. If you have any questions about the new copiers, please contact the Technology Support Center.

My.Scranton Moves to the Ellucian Experience Platform Next Summer

Although the My.Scranton portal was designed to let our campus constituents access information quickly and easily, it has – over numerous years – expanded to a vast repository of information which can seem quite daunting at times. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply click and drag pertinent information on a dashboard for quick access? Would a search box be helpful to help you locate services you don’t often use?

Ellucian Experience, our new cloud based platform, promises to make finding information easy by providing all users with a customizable dashboard and responsive design allowing for quick access of real-time data. The platform is designed to be simple and intuitive, requiring minimal training and support.

Our updated portal will give students, staff and faculty the ability to select specific content and place it, in the form of information cards, on their dashboard for quick access. As an example, a student can choose to place grades, classes, schedules, Financial Aid, and library information at the top of their dashboard. In addition, we will be able to leverage the Ellucian Experience platform to make campus-wide announcements or targeted announcements based on user persona (e.g., students, faculty or staff). This will ensure that no pertinent information is missed.

Information Technology will continue to add new cards for core Banner functions to the portal as they are released by Ellucian. More information and training sessions will be developed as we get closer to launching our new platform. My.Scranton is currently hosted on the Ellucian Luminis and Mobile platforms, which will discontinue its updates and support in June 2024.

Video: Tour the Ellucian Experience.

Here is a sneak peek: