Security Vulnerability: Update to the latest version of Zoom on your devices

Zoom has announced a security update for the Zoom client on all major devices (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, etc.). The latest version (released on November 28, 2021 version 5.8.6) of the Zoom software patches a vulnerability.

We recommend that all Zoom users check for a software update anywhere Zoom is installed. Any client below 5.8.4 must be upgraded.

How To Update Zoom

Zoom provides a pop-up notification when there is a new mandatory or optional update within 24 hours of logging in.
If you already have the Zoom desktop client installed:
* Sign in to the Zoom desktop client (type Zoom in the Search bar on a PC, and Launchpad or Finder>Applications on a Mac)
* Click your profile picture
* Click Check for Updates
* Follow the prompts to complete the update

On a mobile device, check the app store for updates.

Campus Wireless Upgrades

Back in 2019, the Infrastructure Services team began its campus network infrastructure upgrade project by upgrading and replacing the wireless infrastructure and network switches in the first year student residence halls, allowing for faster wireless network speeds (Phase 1).

In the coming months, the Infrastructure Services team will be commencing Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the project. Phase 2 will involve the upgrade of the wireless infrastructure and network equipment at the remaining student residence halls, and Phase 3 will involve an infrastructure and network upgrade for all academic spaces and the Chapman Lake facility.

All work is expected to be completed before the start of the fall semester in 2022.

New Webpage: Hardware/Software/Third-Party Vendor Request Procedure

Information Technology has various processes in place for the procurement of computer hardware, software and services. These processes improve efficiency, ensure appropriate justification/approvals, and increase value of hardware, services and software procurement.

Review the IT Hardware/Software/Third-party Vendor Request Procedures webpage to find out about submissions/approvals, timelines, contract review and asset disposal. This webpage also links to the Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool (HECVAT), which all potential cloud vendors must complete before signing a contract.

Mac Updates: Jamf and macOS Monterey


Jamf is a comprehensive management tool for Apple devices. This software allows IT and Mac users to better manage the lifecycle of all Apple devices. Once installed, the end users will be able to use the Self Service feature to install applications that have been vetted by IT.

If you do not have Jamf or Self Service installed on your Mac (Finder> Applications> Self Service) you can expect to receive a call from IT staff to install this software.

macOS Monterey

The newest version of the Macintosh operating system is now available for download and install. Monterey (macOS 12) comes none too soon as end users are getting antsy about issues created by Big Sur that could not be overcome.

Monterey fixes all of these issues, the most prevalent one on our campus being the inability to print to shared departmental devices.

To upgrade your device to Monterey, go to Finder>System Preferences>Software Update. If you would like an IT technician to assist you with your installation, please contact the Technology Support Center or submit a Royal IT Support ticket.

You’re going to need Chips to go with your Salsa

Global supply chain issues and the computer chip shortage continue to worsen and are not expected to end until late 2022 and possibly longer. The upcoming holiday season will only increase delivery delays.

If your department has funds for FY2021-2022 earmarked for IT equipment of any type, please remember that all items must physically arrive on campus prior to May 31, 2022 to be charged to the current fiscal year.

We recommend that you make purchases as soon as possible. IT has equipment on order since early summer that is just now starting to arrive. Any charges posted after June 1, 2022 will be charged against next fiscal year FY2022-2023. Please be aware that some merchants do not submit their charges until the order is fulfilled and not the purchase date.

Please enter a Royal IT Support ticket for all requests:
1. Go to Royal IT Support
2. Select Request a Service
3. Click on Computers & Software
4. Select the type of equipment/software you are requesting and complete the required information

Microsoft Updates: Microsoft 365 and Windows 11

2022: Celebrating 25 years of Desktop Productivity with Microsoft 365

Although Microsoft Office was initially released in 1990, it was the release of Office 97 that established the suite of products as the premiere desktop productivity package. At that time, when computers weren’t as common in the workplace as they are today, the professional version of the desktop productivity package included five primary applications, a word processor (Word), a spreadsheet editor (Excel), a presentation program (PowerPoint), a database manager (Access) and a personal information manager (Outlook). Throughout the past 25 years, Microsoft released nine major versions of Office for Windows and eight major versions for Mac. These “on-premise” releases of Microsoft Office, the most recent being Office 2019, are what most people think of when thinking about Microsoft Office.

In 2010, facing stiff competition from Google Apps (a cloud-based, productivity and collaboration suite), Microsoft began the gradual shift to offering Microsoft Office as a service on a subscription basis. This subscription-based service would extend the use of Office products into the cloud and across mobile platforms including iOS and Android. In 2020, this product was rebranded as Microsoft 365.

In 2022, due to changes in the University’s licensing of Microsoft products, Information Technology will start shifting computers from yesteryear’s on-premise version of Microsoft Office 2019 to the modern work experience of Microsoft 365. The productivity applications you’ve come to rely on (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams) will still be available on each and every classroom, lab and office computer. The experience of using these applications will remain familiar and consistent.

Microsoft 365 Resources and Training

Microsoft 365 Learning Resources (authentication required) has been customized by the University’s Division of Information Technology team. This resource is curated to provide our campus with updated training information for the products that are available on our campus.

Power Automate is available on our campus. For resources, visit Microsoft Power Automate documentation.

The Microsoft 365 Training website combines video and step-by-step training with template, quick starts and easy handouts.

Teams Beginner Training for Faculty and Staff

Through Bookings, you can reserve Microsoft Teams training to review Teams and answer any other M365 program questions. Feel free to bring a colleague. This one-hour session is in-person in AMH 109. This is a beginner session. Click here for online resources and training.

Windows 11

Windows 11, the newest, major version of Microsoft’s operating system was released on October 5, 2021. For an organization, the release of any new operating system can be challenging as resources need to be allocated to confirm that legacy hardware and software is compatible with the new operating system. Processes for deploying and managing the new operating system also need to be verified.

Information Technology is preparing its strategy for migrating to Windows 11. More information about this strategy and the availability of Windows 11 will be communicated in 2022. In the meantime, rest assured that your Windows 10 computer will continue being secured, maintained and managed.


Duo Mobile App: New Update

Duo Security, the University’s two-factor authentication provider, has recently updated the user interface for the mobile app for Android and iOS. Depending on your device settings, your mobile app will automatically update or you will need to manually initiate the update.

What is different?

People who are already using Duo’s mobile app will notice a new look and feel. Other notable differences include:

  • Approve Button Moved to the Right: In the new version (4.0.0) the approve checkmark button will be on the right.
  • Hidden Passcode: the passcode will be hidden until you click “show.” This change is intended to improve information security by enabling you to make sure that your mobile device screen cannot be seen by others when the passcode appears.

New Phone?

Two Step Duo functionality will not automatically transfer to your new phone, so you need to re-enroll your new device. To re-enroll your new device (with the same phone number),  visit

Campus Digital Signage Upgrade

The Visix/AxisTV Digital Signage solution provides our campus with an easy way to broadcast information to engage students, faculty, staff and visitors throughout various strategic campus locations. During this academic year, IT will be upgrading our Digital Signage players, which will require a software update. We are currently reviewing the upgrade requirements, as well as creating training sessions and materials in order to upgrade this service with minimal disruption. The various departments that maintain Digital Signage content will be contacted to schedule this upgrade.

Meet our newest team members!

Jim Hurst, Academic System Administrator

  • Ideal escape from technology: Being outside specifically golfing
  • First game system ever owned: Pong from Sears
  • Best App I have on my phone: GolfPad GPS
  • Technology I could not live without: Bushnell Golf Range Finder

Richard Smith, Information Security Analyst

  • Your ideal escape from technology: Fishing, kayaking, or watching sports.
  • Print books or E-books?  E-Books, less bulky and easier to carry.
  • Best App I have on my phone: Google Maps, my go to navigation app.

Dave Zwanch, Network Administrator

  • Print books or E-books? E-books. Paper feels better, but you can’t beat the convenience of an E-book.
  • Ideal escape from technology: My daily after-work walk with my dog, Scout.
  • Favorite computer game: Doom. A classmate, Lisa, gave me the shareware in 3rd grade.  Fast forward a few decades and now I work in IT and she and I are married.
  • Worst computer game of all times: Has to be ET for the Atari, what other game can say it almost destroyed an entire industry.
  • Best App I have on my phone: Currently “Trailforks” for finding new mountain bike trails.


Chad McCall, Technology Support Center Analyst

  • Do you prefer Print books or E-books? Print books…definitely.
  • What is your ideal escape from technology? Going home…then reading a paper book.
  • What is the first game system you ever owned? Nintendo Entertainment System.