Panopto Recordings From 2018 and Earlier Set for Deletion

All Panopto recordings from 2018 and earlier are set to be deleted on October 24, 2022. If you have any recordings from 2018 and previous years that you would like to retain, download the recordings and save them to an external storage device as an MP4. Our license allows for a certain amount of storage for recordings and it is almost at capacity.

We ask that you review your recordings. If you have previously used Panopto and have recordings that you no longer need, please go into the system and delete them.

For assistance, submit a Royal IT Support ticket (Request a Service>Instructional Technology>Enable Panopto LC . If you would like us to delete recording for you, make sure to provide the name of the individual who created the recording and the recording date.

Panopto is a lecture capture product that allows faculty and students to record lectures and presentations.

Digital Signage Upgrade


Our current version of Digital Signage by Visix is set to be upgraded to the new product, Signage Suite. The Division of Information Technology has developed training and documentation and are prepared to release the product to the University community.

A member of the Academic and Media Services staff will contact departments to schedule the migration and share information about the upgrade process in the coming weeks. We hope to complete the migration of campus signage to Signage Suite this summer.

Add your number to the Do Not Call list

On December 3, 2021 a new amendment was enacted that now allows business and wireless numbers to be registered for the Do Not Call list. The submission of phone numbers no longer expire.

To register any phone number on the Do Not Call list, please follow one of the following directions:


  1. Go to
  2. Enter up to 3 numbers you wish to register and your email
  3. You will need to verify the registry through an email you will receive


  1. Call 1-888-382-1222  from the number you want to register
  2. Select Option 2 to register your number
  3. Enter your 10 digit number


Zoom Storage Reminder

Our Zoom license provides users with limited cloud storage. Information Technology will monitor the storage and we remind users to review their cloud recordings to allow for continued cloud storage through next semester.

Users can choose to delete their recordings, or download them as an MP4 file and save to OneDrive. Make sure to delete the recordings from the cloud once they have been transferred.

Visit our Zoom webpage for instructions and additional information.

E911 Location Information

As of February 16, 2020 University Police must automatically be notified if someone dials 911 from a University phone according to Kari’s Law.  Further, The Ray Baum Act has adopted rules to ensure that any “dispatchable location”  is conveyed with 911 calls to emergency dispatch centers.

We ask that you please notify us if you independently move your office so we can maintain proper location data and remain in compliance with these laws.  To update your information,email and include:

  • Your name
  • Office telephone number
  • Building and room of where you moved to

We will update our data to ensure you remain safe in case of emergency.

Meet our newest team members!

Jim Hurst, Academic System Administrator

  • Ideal escape from technology: Being outside specifically golfing
  • First game system ever owned: Pong from Sears
  • Best App I have on my phone: GolfPad GPS
  • Technology I could not live without: Bushnell Golf Range Finder

Richard Smith, Information Security Analyst

  • Your ideal escape from technology: Fishing, kayaking, or watching sports.
  • Print books or E-books?  E-Books, less bulky and easier to carry.
  • Best App I have on my phone: Google Maps, my go to navigation app.

Dave Zwanch, Network Administrator

  • Print books or E-books? E-books. Paper feels better, but you can’t beat the convenience of an E-book.
  • Ideal escape from technology: My daily after-work walk with my dog, Scout.
  • Favorite computer game: Doom. A classmate, Lisa, gave me the shareware in 3rd grade.  Fast forward a few decades and now I work in IT and she and I are married.
  • Worst computer game of all times: Has to be ET for the Atari, what other game can say it almost destroyed an entire industry.
  • Best App I have on my phone: Currently “Trailforks” for finding new mountain bike trails.


Chad McCall, Technology Support Center Analyst

  • Do you prefer Print books or E-books? Print books…definitely.
  • What is your ideal escape from technology? Going home…then reading a paper book.
  • What is the first game system you ever owned? Nintendo Entertainment System.


Safeguarding Your Credentials

My.Scranton is a web-based portal that provides students, faculty and staff an entry point to key functionality, such as Outlook, SharePoint, Desire2Learn, and Ellucian Banner Self-Service and Administrative applications. Over the Fall semester, a new version of the portal was released that provides a cleaner, simpler, better-organized and responsive design.

Many integrations within the my.scranton portal make use of single sign-on technology, allowing a user to provide their credentials once and be logged in seamlessly to other applications. This technology makes use of “cookies” stored in the browser, which are set to expire at the end of the browser’s session.

To safeguard your credentials, especially on a public computer or device, it is best practice to close your browser to destroy any “cookies” that were set for your single sign-on sessions to work. This is true for not only my.scranton, but for any web session where you enter credentials. Be safe and close your browser!

Business Process Improvement: Annual Report System

Over the past year, the Planning & Institutional Effectiveness and Information Technology units have been working together to develop a replacement technology for the longstanding electronic Annual Report System. Drawing from prior assessments of the system, and feedback gathered through a pilot phase this fall, the new SharePoint-based tool will enable users to more easily submit, share and archive information and documents related to planning and continuous improvement. In addition to ease of usage, the new system is designed to enhance transparency, accountability, and data-informed decision-making. The system will also streamline resource request processes.

More information, including training resources, will be shared with academic department chairs, administrative department heads, and others involved in the Annual Reporting process in the weeks ahead. The new system is set to launch in early April. Much gratitude goes to IT for collaborating in the development of this innovative new system.

With questions, please contact Kate Yerkes, Assistant Provost for Planning & Institutional Effectiveness at

Written by Kate Yerkes, Assistant Provost for Planning & Institutional Effectiveness at The University of Scranton

Computer Allocations for FY18/19

Computers for full-time faculty are currently being deployed and our goal is to have them completed before the end of the Fall semester. Full-time faculty are on an automatic four year replacement cycle for their primary computer, which allows IT to be inclusive and attentive to all our full-time faculty’s needs.

The staff systems, that were requested through the computer budget process last February, will be deployed during the Spring semester.

Lab and classroom computers were deployed this past summer.

We would like to remind everyone that due to the high costs of maintaining and replacing desktop equipment, each employee should only have ONE system.

Free Campus Electronics Recycling Event on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Campus Electronics Recycling Event
Saturday, April 21, 2018
9:00 A.M – 1:00 P.M.
Location: Corner of Linden St. and Monroe Ave.

The Division of Information Technology is proud to offer employees and local residents the opportunity to responsibly recycle obsolete electronics from their homes. Please no business drop offs.

Electronic items accepted include:

  • Computers, Monitors (Flat Screen/CRT)
  • Computer Accessories (Keyboards/Mice)
  • Tablets (ipad, surface)
  • Modems/Routers
  • Printers/Scanners
  • DVD Players/VCR
  • Gaming Devices
  • Fax Machines
  • Televisions
  • Stereo Equipment
  • Answering Machines
  • Typewriters
  • Small Appliances (used on countertop)
    * Nothing with broken glass

Items NOT accepted include: Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Batteries, Lights or light bulbs, Refrigerators, Freezers, Fitness Equipment, Grills, Hazardous Waste, Household Garbage.

For more information, contact: Danielle Morse, IT Asset Manager 570-941-7603 or