Royal Drive Replacement Process

As we announced last spring, we are moving forward with the replacement of Royal Drive, our enterprise file storage system. In the upcoming year, we will be implementing a storage solution that provides our campus with secure file storage, mobile access and content sharing. This will include the use of local network storage and Microsoft OneDrive/SharePoint services for staff and faculty. In addition to this, all full-time faculty have been invited to pilot Dropbox Business for a 2-year period with an annual assessment of utilization.

The anticipated implementation process, outlined below, employs a gradual adoption of the new systems in an effort to limit the amount of disruption in day-to-day operations.

Phase 1 has been completed: Dropbox accounts were provided to all full-time faculty.

Phase 2: Members of IT will be working with administrative and academic offices to identify the ways in which they are currently interacting with Royal Drive (such as scanning, reports and tickets). This process is essential so that we may account for these specific actions in our new storage solutions.

Phase 3: After outlining storage solutions for the scenarios identified earlier on, we will be providing the campus with local network storage to replace Royal Drive. We will also be introducing SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Hands-on training will also be available.

OneDrive and Dropbox Resources

If you would like to know more about these cloud storage solutions, or would like to start using them, we invite you to review the various documentations that we have gathered. These are accessible at and (only for full-time faculty).

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