Summer Computer Updates

Lab Computers

Many device updates were completed in the computer labs: Biology (1 new PC); CAS Dean (43 new zero client laptops); Chemistry (9 new PC’s); Communication (33 new PC’s); Classroom systems (34 new instructor’s PC’s); Library (7 new iMacs, 8 new PCs); Math (40 Chromebook mobile lab); Physics (13 new PC’s).

All lab and classroom Windows computers have been updated to include Office 2019 replacing Office 2016. Many software applications have also been upgraded in our computer lab facilities including SPSS, MatLab, Minitab and Maple. All lab and classroom systems received operating system and many third party application updates.

As we expand our virtual desktop program, we are pleased to provide faculty with the ability to utilize a virtual lab. The virtual lab provides access to virtual Windows 10 machines preinstalled with University licensed software from a personal device eliminating the need to use rooms with lab machines when University licensed software is needed. Students can utilize their own laptops to access standard applications allowing faculty to create a lab in any room that they are teaching in. Review additional virtual lab information.

Office Computers

Over the summer months, the desktop windows operating system and many of third party applications (Firefox, Flash, Java, Adobe, etc.) received security patches through KBOX or Microsoft update. If you have not used your computer over the summer, these updates may automatically begin to download to your system when you turn it on. As the critical patches are installed, machines may experience a temporary decline in performance. We advise faculty to take this into consideration and allow time for the updates to take place.

MS Office 2019 will be available for faculty and staff on University owned office computers upon request.

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