Tech Tips from IT Staff – Troubleshooting Technology

When you experience a computer issue, try a few basic things first – Karl Johns, Tech Support Center Analyst

  • Is everything plugged in properly and connected to a power source?
  • Try restarting your computer or device using a manual restart if necessary.
  • If you’re getting error messages, do a quick internet search to see what others suggest (and write those error messages down in case you do need to call the TSC).
  • Does your computer/tablet/phone have a pending update? Installing updates may fix your problem.

Make sure to include helpful information in your TSC phone message – Sam Falbo, Tech Support Center Analyst

When calling the Technology Support Center, please make sure to leave a message that not only includes your name and phone number, but also your Royal number and a brief description of your issue. Having this information is crucial for us to be most helpful, as it helps us to identifying several things early on.

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