Tech Tips from IT Staff – D2L Video and Quiz Tips

Uploading large videos to D2L with an iPhone by Patrick J. Mullarkey, Application Administrator

If you are a  faculty member looking to upload large videos to D2L that were recorded with an iPhone, take a moment to review this free iPhone/iPad app: Video Compress – Shrink Vids.

Using the Respondus Lockdown Browser tool when giving quizzes in D2L – Tony Gazoo, Application Administrator

With the increase in online testing, we would like to provide some guidance on the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser tool within D2L. The Respondus LDB can only be properly installed by students from within our D2L instance. Our recommendation is to create a “practice LDB” quiz in each course with one or two questions and enable it to require lockdown browser.  Instruct students to open the practice quiz and they will be prompted to download Respondus LDB before actually starting the quiz. They can then take the “practice LDB” quiz and be assured that Respondus LDB works on their computer before taking a real quiz. If they use the same computer to take subsequent quizzes, then they should be successful using the Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Click here for directions on how to enable Respondus Lockdown Browser on a quiz in D2L.

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