Tech Tips from IT Staff – Staying Secure

Zoom Security Updates by Ikram Muhammad, Information Security Engineer

To maximize security and minimize risks while working remotely, please follow University safety and security that can be found on the Information Technology website. Zoom regularly releases software updates including updated security features. You should see reminders from Zoom and should apply these updates on a timely basis.

Safeguard your credentials as report information by Maureen Castaldi, Manager Database Management

While working from home remember to safeguard your credentials as well as output from reports that you run from Banner Admin, ARGOS and/or Employee Applications. Output should be saved to onedrive and/or H:/G: drives. In addition, reports run from Banner Admin can be saved to the database as documented here.

Duo is required to access by Don McCall, Technology Support Center Analyst

Just a quick reminder that Duo is required to access, but it does work a little bit different than usual. Right after signing in, the system automatically sends the Duo request, so be sure to have your phone handy the moment you sign in. In some cases, it even bypasses the popup notification on your phone. In that case, you may want to open the Duo app directly so that you can see the incoming login request.

Securely Sharing Files with Restricted Data

Although email is a useful and necessary means of communicating, it is not necessarily the most secure method for sharing important or sensitive documents. For example, an email does not simply go from the sender to the recipient instantaneously. Most emails have to travel across multiple networks and servers before arriving in their intended audience’s inbox. These pause points expose emails to attack, usually due to unsecured networks, vulnerable servers, and the people savvy enough to hack them.

The Division of Information Technology recommends that you share specific documents or entire folders using OneDrive (and/or SharePoint). You can review and edit permissions at any time.

Click here to view entire recommendation and step-by-step instructions.

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