Coming Soon: New Facilities Management Work Order System

We are implementing a new facilities management work order system that will replace the 20+ year old in-house developed work order system. The new work order system will be based on the Cherwell platform, which we are already using for the Royal IT Support system. This new system will make the process of entering work orders for repair work, creation of name plate signs, or facilities preparation work for events a lot easier. A new portal has been developed that looks and feels the same as the Royal IT Support portal, so you will be almost instantly familiar with the new system if you have used the Royal IT Support portal before.

This new portal will not only allow you to enter work orders, but also to track all the work orders you have submitted, their status, and add updates. You will also be able to include attachments with work orders, like pictures and drawings, or even duplicate work orders for recurring projects or events.

The communication will also be greatly improved. You will immediately receive an email confirming the submission of your work order. You will also receive emails when changes to your work order are made, keeping you informed of what is happening with your work order.

We are planning on launching the new facilities management work order system in October.

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