You’re going to need Chips to go with your Salsa

Global supply chain issues and the computer chip shortage continue to worsen and are not expected to end until late 2022 and possibly longer. The upcoming holiday season will only increase delivery delays.

If your department has funds for FY2021-2022 earmarked for IT equipment of any type, please remember that all items must physically arrive on campus prior to May 31, 2022 to be charged to the current fiscal year.

We recommend that you make purchases as soon as possible. IT has equipment on order since early summer that is just now starting to arrive. Any charges posted after June 1, 2022 will be charged against next fiscal year FY2022-2023. Please be aware that some merchants do not submit their charges until the order is fulfilled and not the purchase date.

Please enter a Royal IT Support ticket for all requests:
1. Go to Royal IT Support
2. Select Request a Service
3. Click on Computers & Software
4. Select the type of equipment/software you are requesting and complete the required information

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