Mac Updates: Jamf and macOS Monterey


Jamf is a comprehensive management tool for Apple devices. This software allows IT and Mac users to better manage the lifecycle of all Apple devices. Once installed, the end users will be able to use the Self Service feature to install applications that have been vetted by IT.

If you do not have Jamf or Self Service installed on your Mac (Finder> Applications> Self Service) you can expect to receive a call from IT staff to install this software.

macOS Monterey

The newest version of the Macintosh operating system is now available for download and install. Monterey (macOS 12) comes none too soon as end users are getting antsy about issues created by Big Sur that could not be overcome.

Monterey fixes all of these issues, the most prevalent one on our campus being the inability to print to shared departmental devices.

To upgrade your device to Monterey, go to Finder>System Preferences>Software Update. If you would like an IT technician to assist you with your installation, please contact the Technology Support Center or submit a Royal IT Support ticket.

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