Security Spotlight: Digital Spring Cleaning

After a long winter, spring is finally here! Consider taking a few minutes to spring clean your digital life:

▪ Online Accounts: Your online accounts like email, social networks, organizations, shopping websites, cloud storage, etc. can collect clutter. Take a few moments to remove/close unneeded accounts. Make sure to use unique and secure passwords for each account.
▪ Email Accounts: Review, archive, file and delete unnecessary emails. We also recommend that you empty your trash folder, and unsubscribe to recurring emails that no longer interest you.
▪ Social Media: It is a good idea to periodically review your security settings and connections.
▪ Devices: Smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers make our lives so much easier. Consider removing unused apps and clear out any downloads you aren’t using anymore. Make sure your device requires a password, pin, or fingerprint to log in.
▪ Web Browser Settings: Many browsers can store your passwords or autofill settings. Take a few minutes to check your browser settings, clear out old data, and ensure your browser’s security settings are still keeping you safe.

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