Panopto Recordings From 2018 and Earlier Set for Deletion

All Panopto recordings from 2018 and earlier are set to be deleted on October 24, 2022. If you have any recordings from 2018 and previous years that you would like to retain, download the recordings and save them to an external storage device as an MP4. Our license allows for a certain amount of storage for recordings and it is almost at capacity.

We ask that you review your recordings. If you have previously used Panopto and have recordings that you no longer need, please go into the system and delete them.

For assistance, submit a Royal IT Support ticket (Request a Service>Instructional Technology>Enable Panopto LC . If you would like us to delete recording for you, make sure to provide the name of the individual who created the recording and the recording date.

Panopto is a lecture capture product that allows faculty and students to record lectures and presentations.

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