How to Manage Your Phone Greeting

Voicemail allows callers to leave you a message when you are unavailable. With the Alternate Greeting feature, you can have a different outgoing greeting when you will be away for an extended period, such as when you are on vacation, so callers won’t expect to hear back from you right away.

Before calling, decide if you want to turn your alternate greeting on immediately or if you want to tell it an “In Date” and time to turn it on.

To record and activate YOUR Alternate Greeting, follow the items in bold:

  • Dial 2450
  • Enter your ID followed by #  (this is your personal 4 digit voice mail ID)
  • Enter your password followed by # (the pin for your personal mailbox)
  • Press 4 for Set up options
  • Press 1 for greetings
    You will hear “Your current greeting is the standard greeting” (it will play the greeting)
  • Press 2 for alternate Greeting.
    • To set an end date press 1
    • To leave it on indefinitely, press 2
  • You may then choose to re‐record the greeting by pressing 1

When you return you will need to set your voicemail back to the standard greeting. You will not need to re‐record it.

View the instructions on how to record and activate your Alternate Greeting for your department.

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