Spotlight on Student Worker Xiomara Rolon

This week the student spotlight is on Xiomara Rolon of Wilkes Barre, PA.  Mara is a Theatre major who will graduate on June 1. She joined the Circulation Services staff in September, 2013 and has been happily assisting patrons at the Circulation Desk since then.

Her hobbies include writing, art and reading. She finds our library’s collection of plays outstanding. Speaking of plays, she has participated in several of the University Players productions this year. When she wasn’t working behind the scenes or on the set, she was on stage playing the part of one character or another. Most recently, she did a fantastic job playing the part of Baloo the bear in Jungalbook.

Off the stage, she has a very pleasant personality. She always expresses herself with such enthusiasm and animation. The one thing she enjoys most about working in the library is making many new friends. She is seriously considering looking for work in a library to support herself while she pursues a theatrical career.

We wish her all the best. Thank you Xiomara!