Spring 2010 and Groundhogology

Photo courtesy of Eric Begin, under a Creative Commons license

At the University of Scranton, we don’t need Punxsutawney Phil to tell us when spring starts.  The stream of returning students and faculty is all we needed to see to know that Spring 2010 has officially started!

Still, if you’re a fan of rodents (or just looking to postpone those class readings for another few hours), there’s a lot to learn about Groundhog Day.  We poked around and found a few fun resources to share on February 2nd:

And don’t forget, if you just can’t wait to know whether or not Phil sees his shadow, this year you can get his prognostication via text message.  Just text “Groundhog” to 247365 (standard rates apply).

Regardless of what Phil predicts, we here at the Library are back on our regular hourly schedule for the Spring 2010 semester. You’ll find us here:

Monday-Thursday 8am – 11:30pm

Friday 8am – 10:00pm

Saturday 12pm – 8pm

Sunday 12pm – 11:30pm