Fifty Years Later

Day in the Life of President Kennedy Book Cover_001Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

To commemorate that tragic day, the Library is exhibiting popular culture biographies of JFK, writings by him, and publications from around the world commemorating his death.

EPOCA Spanish Magazine Kennedy Memorial Issue_001

Look Magazine Cover JFK Memorial Issue_001









You can view the display in the 4th Floor Special Collections and the Quiet Study Rooms now through the end of the semester.





The Library also has a wide variety of resources about the life, death, and legacy of America’s 35th president.



Finally, here’s a look back at the report by The Aquinas student newspaper about the reaction on campus when the sad news first broke.

Aquinas Article on JFK page 1 copy2Aquinas Article on JFK page 3 copy 2