Library Research Prize Winners!

029April Francia, a Political Science and Philosophy double major and a History minor, and Paula Annunziato, an Occupational Therapy with a minor in Counseling and Human services were selected as the 2015 Library Research Prize winners.

The Weinberg Memorial Library inaugurated the prize in 2011 to recognize excellence in research projects that show evidence of significant knowledge of the methods of research and the information gathering process, and use of library resources, tools, and services.

Honorable Mention awards in the undergraduate category included Christine Panzitta, a Secondary Education/History major; Alannah Caisey, double major in Communication and Women’s Studies with a minor in Political Science; and a group of Exercise Scienc majors consisting of Dennis Cho, Rachel Conniff, Alexandra Crowley, Lauren Krasucki, Erik Meyer, Kaitlin Mulroy, and Christina Nowack.

In the graduate category, an Honorable Mention was also awarded to a group of Physical Therapy students, Antonietta Bruno, Meghan Durney, Carol Mastrosante, and Caitlin Thompson.

Prize winners were honored at a reception on Thursday, May 14, 2015 in the Heritage Room of the Weinberg Memorial Library.