Nearby item browse Cover view

Using the Virtual Shelf Browse

Did you know you can browse our library shelves remotely? You can access our catalog’s virtual shelf browse feature by simply clicking on the call number of a book in the catalog.

Accessing the Virtual Shelf Browse

Log into your my.scranton account and chose ‘Library’ from the menu on the left. From the Library page you can perform a keyword search in the Catalog Search box.

Catalog Search Box
Catalog Search Box on Library my.scranton page

Choose a record you are interested in from the results page. Double click on that record to see the expanded view of the record. Within the expanded view of the record, click on the call number to access the virtual shelf browse.

Expanded record view. Click on Call Number to access the virtual shelf browse
Expanded record view

A ‘nearby item browse’ pop-up window will appear with titles from the same call number range. Within the ‘nearby item browse’ window, click the arrows on the left or right to view titles on either side of the title you started with. The graphical browse shows you book covers of adjacent books and their associated call numbers. Clicking on a book cover or title within the pop-up window will take you to the record for that title.

Nearby item browse - Cover view
Nearby item browse – Cover view

There is also a list browse option if you would like to just view the titles as a list in call number order. Clicking on previous and next will move the list up or down. Clicking on the title will take you to that title’s record.

Nearby item browse - List view
Nearby item browse – List view

Placing a hold for pickup

If you located a title you would like to borrow from the Print Circulating Collection or from Media, you can ‘place a hold’ on the item(s) you would like to borrow from our catalog. Items that can be placed on hold have a ‘place a hold’ button on the right-hand side of the catalog entry.

Place a hold button

After clicking the button, you may be asked to log in using your R# and authenticate if you are not already logged in. A pop-up box confirming that you would like to place a hold will appear. Click ‘submit’ and circulation will be notified that you have placed a hold.

Hold Submit Pop Up Window

If your request is successful you will see a confirmation window, click ‘OK’ and your transaction is complete. Your item(s) will then be selected, packaged and labeled with your name by our circulation staff and made available for you to pickup from the bookcase in the Library’s lobby on the Monroe St. side of the building. You will be notified by email when your item(s) are available for pickup. You may pick up your items during the hours listed in our Fall 2020 Library Services Hours Lib Guide.

For further assistance with borrowing or placing a hold, you can contact us at 570-941-7524 or