Affordable Learning Implementation Grants for Spring/Summer 2023

The Weinberg Memorial Library is pleased to offer $1,000 Affordable Learning Implementation Grants to successful full-time faculty applicants.

Affordable Learning aims to reduce the financial burden on students by eliminating expensive for-cost textbooks and course materials with no-cost or low-cost educational resources. OER stands for Open Educational Resources, which includes online textbooks, media, and other materials freely available and can be remixed/reused for educational purposes. For the Affordable Learning Implementation Grants, faculty may opt to use existing OER and open-source software or may compile course materials from open access e-books and journals or appropriately licenses Library materials to replace all, or some, of their for-cost course materials.

For a list of links to available OER and appropriately licensed Affordable Learning resources, visit the Library’s OER Research Guide.

The library will award up to four $1,000 Affordable Learning Implementation Grants for Spring/Summer 2023 courses.

Application Deadline: Friday, December 2nd, 2022

For more information and the application form, visit the Affordable Learning Implementation Grants web page.