Spotlight on Student Worker Nathan Ratchford

Nathan Ratchford, an English major from Dalton, PA, began working at the library Circulation Desk in 2016. Nathan knows his way around a library and that showed as he quickly learned to execute the tasks of the department, but perhaps his best talent as a library worker is customer service.  Whether he’s serving a fellow student or a member of the faculty, Nathan’s skills as a conversationalist and his broad interests provide him the ability to happily, sincerely, and courteously engage any patron.

“I really enjoy the people I work with more than anything,” Nathan said when asked what he enjoys most about working in the library. “I’d like to think that we all share some common ground — one way or another. I’ve built some great relationships in my time here,” he added.

He advises other students to take advantage of the library’s many resources; books, academic journals, films, and the PALCI E-ZBorrow system.

Nathan vigorously enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking, which contribute nicely to another favorite hobby, photography.

Nathan’s favorite class was Parables in Pop Culture, with Dr. Olsen; his favorite book is On the Road; and his favorite movie is Big Fish.

Nathan Fun Fact: he is the second youngest of seven children!

After graduation, Nathan will pursue digital content management and production, while independently producing writing and photographs for publication.

Happy trails, Nathan!  Best wishes and success as you explore the peaks, valleys, and streams of your future.

Vinyl LPs For Sale at The Weinberg


I like the portability of digital music, but a recent donation of vinyl LPs to the library has me waxing nostalgic.
Beyond the superior sound quality of an LP over an MP3, what I really like about an album is the give and take between listener and music, the lesson it teaches.
A record needs to be taken care of, looked after.
You need to keep it clean, dust it, handle it carefully; the slightest slip leaves a scar, too much sun or too much heat make it wilt.
The interaction of gravity’s weight against the groove is like life’s path.
The surface noise of nicks and scratches, the occasional skip; they all fade into the music … become a part of it — the price we pay for living full.
The beauty/the imperfection. The fragile/the eternal.
And they’re pretty cheap, too!  Stop by and take one for a spin!

All proceeds benefit Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library.

Walter White’s Barbaric Yawp!

bb2 copyPoetry plays large in the scripts of Breaking Bad.

It’s an edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass that ultimately exposes Walter White; and it’s Shelley’s Ozymandias that foretells his end.

With only one episode left, make your Breaking Bad experience as rich as it can be:

Discover how many ways the same person can “break bad” or “break good” or “break good and bad” by reading Whitman’s takes on self-contradiction.

— Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass (This edition has an introduction by Carl Sandburg); call number: PS3201 1921

Find out how the story of that old, stone-faced, desert king Ozymandias relates to Walter White.

The Complete Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley; call number: PR5402 1972 v1