Alumni Exhibit

Check out the Alumni Exhibit on the 5th floor Heritage Room of the Weinberg Memorial Library, available through July 2008.  Students who have graduated from the University of Scranton and published have one or more of their books on display.    


Did you see…

            The book about the election process?

            The book about Toponyms?  What is a toponym?

            The book about the local immigrant’s story?

            The book describing Edith Stein among others as Catholic converts?

            The Kashuba book about Scranton?

            The book that was a Newbery Honor Book?

            Our very own librarian’s book?

            The Pulitzer Prize winning playwright?


Come to the display and see what your alumni have accomplished.  Imagine what you could accomplish!  


4 Replies to “Alumni Exhibit”

  1. Using your hint I was able to fine Hitler Youth by Susan Campbell Bartoletti in the Alumni Exhibit. She has written several books for children and young adults, all of which are on display. There are actually a large number of children’s books in the exhibit, which is very exciting. And I must say, the number of books total is impressive — Bravo Alumni! :)

  2. I’ll admit that I had to look up “toponym” on!

    It is really neat to see how many different fields and topics our alumni are writing about. As a Wyoming Valley native, I’m looking forward to reading George Holmes’ Growing Up in the Valley .

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