Use RefWorks to Create Bibliographies

RefWorks is an easy way to store citations and generate bibliographies in correct format, either MLA, APA, or any of numerous other format styles. Students and faculty can find RefWorks by going to the A-Z List of Databases and then clicking on the blue RefWorks button near the top of the page. The first time you access RefWorks you will be asked to create a log-in name and password.

Most databases will allow you to export citations directly to your RefWorks account. Once in the account these citations can be organized and stored in folders according to subject. From these folders you can generate bibliographies in correct format style. Using the Write-N-Cite component of RefWorks you can also insert correct parenthetical references into the texts of your papers as you write.

RefWorks is easy to use. There are helpful tutorials online. A useful “how-to” folder is available at the Reference Desk. And, finally, if you have problems or would like to schedule either a one-on-one training session or instruction in RefWorks for your whole class, please give the Reference Department a call at 570-941-4000.

2 Replies to “Use RefWorks to Create Bibliographies”

  1. Can I just say that I LOVE RefWorks! I mean, come one — a tool that will create my bibliographies for me? That’s just too great to pass up on… (And I mean that sincerely… I use it all the time.)

    Also, in my experience RefWorks has the highest degree of accuracy when it comes to the final bibliography being generated. However, it’s still always a good idea to read through the citations to make sure no typos or glitches carried over onto your bibliography/references page. Any citations that jump out at you as not looking right, I’d check against the official manual for that format style, or ask a librarian at the ref desk.

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